Faaya: 4 reasons to don the midi this season

4 reasons to don the midi this season

Tummy-tyres, cankles, flabby arms whatever your issue might be, with the midi, there is always a way to skirt it! No wonder the Midi-skirt is a rage this season. From formal to street wear, it has made a stunning comeback and has very quickly become a must-have in every fashionista’s wardrobe. What makes it such an exciting trend is that whether you are plump or skinny, tall or short, there is a midi for everyone!

 1. It is the ninja skirt!

Source : styleismything.blogspot.com

The full-midi stealthily hides all the major problem areas most women face- stomach, hips and thighs. It accentuates the slimmest part of the waist and its sheer volume distracts from any problem areas above the skirt as well. Already planning a cheat diet this weekend aren’t you?

2. Nothing spells LADY like the MIDI

Source: pinkpeonies.com

A peek-a-boo at dainty ankles, a cinched waist, a flow-y silhouette and you have the perfect recipe to be a Lady. Throw in a floral print and you can give Kate Middleton a run for her money!

3. Options and more options!

Source: atlantic-pacific.blogspot.in

The midi is so flexible that with a slight change of fabric and silhouette you can take it from the street all the way to the red carpet. Pleated A-line skirts in flow-y fabrics like chiffon and georgette work wonders during the day while voluminous skirts in rich fabrics like silk look fabulous in the night.

4. The short may not refrain

Source: fuscarosablog.blogspot.com

The midi might seem like a tricky affair for those unfortunate in the height department. I have two words for you guys- sheer & slits. Oh and a third one too!- strappy heels with some toe-show to add length to the legs.

Now that you are convinced to invest in a midi, have a look at a few do’s and don’ts before you proceed:

DO get your own customized length. Midi’s have a tendency to highlight the widest part of your calf. Find a length that ends either just above or just below your calf.

DO pair it with skimpy tops. Balancing the conservative midi with a strappy blouse or a crop top adds just the right amount of sensuality.

DO try mixing different colors and patterns. A full-proof combination is a full midi in a bright striking color teamed with a patterned crop top in a neutral color.

DO avoid the fitted midi if you are shy to show some curves. A full midi on the other hand helps to create an hourglass figure for any body type.

DO NOT wear flats with the midi. Yes it is a rule to swear by unless you have the never-ending legs of a super-model. Strappy sandals or basic pointed pumps work best with this skirt.

DO NOT overdo accessories. This look is best kept minimal. The midi skirt has length and volume and works best when left alone! A dainty bracelet and a simple small clutch complement this skirt well.

Written and Edited by Varsha Rawat


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