Faaya: 4 Ways to Crop

4 Ways to Crop

Unlike some bold fashionistas, I always look at new trends skeptically. My rule is simple. If I cannot think of at least 3 different ways in which I can wear a particular piece, I don’t waste my money on it.

So here I have picked a rather popular trend that has made it’s comeback from the 90s- The Crop Top (remember the Spice Girls?). However, unlike the Spice-girls age, crop tops this time are hardly skin revealing. Thank heavens for that. Ain’t giving up pizza for no one!

I have picked a Michael Kors inspired full-sleeved, striped crop top and created not 3 but 4 (gasp!) different looks.

Here is how I picked my outfits. There is one word that summarizes a good-looking outfit and that is Balance. Too much or too little of anything is bad. So I always try to balance out the cut, colour, fabric and print of my outfit. While there is no particular formula to finding balance, here are a few simple rules that never fail:

Team up- 
  • Fitted with Flared
  • Prints with Solids
  • Short with Long
  • Dull with Bright
  • Heavy(fabric) with Light
  • Loose with Structured

 1.      The Over the Top Crop 

This is definitely my most favorite look. The best part? There is absolutely no tummy show! Since, the crop top is dull in color, I have styled it with a bright blue dress for just the right amount of color balance. Notice that the cinched waist of the dress reaches exactly where the crop top ends, giving me a nice structured silhouette.
I prefer this to be a casual look, so I have styled it with flats and a tan leather sling.


Crop Top: Forever21 | Dress: Nun | Ballerinas: Charles and Keith | Bag: Zara | Shades: Stylefiesta

2.      The All over Boyfriend Crop

Another casual day wear look. I have styled the crop top here with a boyfriend blazer and a pair of boyfriend jeans (hence the name). My jeans here are not particularly loose since I wanted to balance the easy fit of the blazer with a slightly snug fit of the jeans. While there are no bright colors here, I have used solids to compliment the stripes of the crop top.
Tummy show is minimal because of the blazer. The more bold ones could leave the front open as well.

Forever21 | Blazer: Mango | Jeans: Zara | Shoes: Steve Madden | Bag: Da Milano
Shades: Hugo Boss

3.      The Pin-up Girl Crop

For a more lady-like look, I have teamed the crop top with a high-waist bright blue fitted midi skirt. This one is a night look. I have used a bright blue (again!) to highlight the skirt and left all accessories black. The tummy is well hidden too with only a sliver of skin showing. The loosely tied bun completes the look.

Crop Top: Forever21 | Skirt: Stylefiesta | Shoes: Steve Madden | Clutch: Dior

4.      The Desi-girl Crop

This is definitely the most creative use of the Crop Top. When the wedding season hits, it becomes such a task to arrange outfits for the 10 million functions of the Big Fat Indian wedding. Suddenly the sari starts looking like the EASY outfit.
Seen on the likes of Nadini Bhalla and Sonam Kapoor, the crop top goes beautifully with the Sari, adding that contemporary edge to the traditional drape. You can always experiment with different cuts and colors. As long as you can balance the prints and the colors, the Sari Crop will never fail you!
P.S.: I have sneaked in another trend in this one- The Earcuff!

Crop Top: Forver21| Sari: Mom’s Closet | Shoes: Steve Madden | Clutch: DonebyNone |
Earcuff: Stylefiesta

And that’s that! I have covered a look ranging from casual to grandiose. You can now safely go ahead and spend on the Crop top!

Written and Edited by Varsha Rawat


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