Faaya: The Pocket Square: the perfect accessory

The Pocket Square: the perfect accessory

When it comes to customizing your suit to stand out at an event or function, no accessory works better than the pocket square. You’ll rarely find a dapper and refined gentlemen without a pocket square, because it gives your sophisticated suit an air of grandeur you won’t otherwise achieve. They let everyone know you have arrived and you mean business.
For those of you who are relatively new to suiting up though, the pocket square might be a bit of an anomaly. Especially if the only reason you’re even looking this up is because you’re getting a head start on wedding preparations before you’ve bought the engagement ring for your partner.
Anything to make the planning stage a little easier. In short, the pocket square has several functions which we have listed below for you.

All in the details
A pocket square is an indication to the casual observer and the fashion savvy that you pay attention to detail and dress to impress. At the very least you seem to have a stylist or a wife with a critical eye.
You find that important people are drawn to fellow guests with pocket squares, because you appear to be sharp and professional. If your suit is very plain and dull, a pocket square would soon sort this problem out.
When you’re attending a corporate dinner or a black tie event for example, your unremarkable suit will blend in with even the most expensive suits with a finishing touch in the pocket.
Add colour
Add a splash of color to an otherwise boring and plain suit with a colored pocket square. A navy blue suit could be jazzed up with a red pocket square, for example. Make sure the color fits the overall appearance of the suit, but you could potentially choose any color which tickles your fancy that day.
Be confidence
Knowing you are suited up to impress, with the finer details considered with boost your confidence. You’ll walk taller, straighten your back, lift your chin and feel like you’re walking straight into a scenario in a Bond movie.
A pocket square is intended to help you stand out when compared to other men at the same event. Dependent on the guests who are invited, you’ll find there will be a lot of men wearing regular black or grey suits. Plain, nothing special. Add a pocket square and everyone’s eyes will be on you.


  1. Thank you very much for sharing the right way of making pocket square..Its truly very stylish and basic accessory.It adds more gloom in man's personality.Thanks for all details


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