Faaya: The Influencer Program

The Influencer Program

1.      Who is an Influencer:
a.       You love clothes. Fashion for you is not just what happens on the ramp but in everyone’s wardrobe.
b.      You are a social media junkie and social media for you means more of Instagram and Pinterest than Facebook and Twitter.
c.       You talk about new things all the time. You are the go-to person in your group for all the latest trends.
d.      You are experimental with what you wear and love to try new things.
e.      Brownie points if you are blogger/photographer/videographer/content writer/cartoonist in short, CREATIVE.

2.       What do Influencers get:
a.       Free clothes 
b.      Fashion shoots
c.       Interviews for yourself and cool people around you.
d.      Free Parties
e.      Discounts on Online shopping

3.       What do you have to do as Influencers:
a.       Make Faaya an active part of your social media feed.
b.      Share/Like/Tweet about Faaya (just your personal opinion!). We will not shove our content through you.
c.       Post about Faaya and talk wherever relevant.
d.      Be a part of our city photo-shoots and blog interviews. Act in our fashion films. Wear free clothes and go to parties.
e.      Oh. We missed that you have to work. Please refer point 3 a-d for details.

If this sounds interesting then do any one of these : 
1. Mail us on madeforme@faaya.in 
2. Message us on Facebook
3. Just fill up this form


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