Faaya: Of Brides and Bridesmaids

Of Brides and Bridesmaids

It’s the month of the Big Fat Indian Wedding Season and you’re wondering what to wear and how! Most of us are spoilt for choice and it becomes extremely difficult to decide what to wear and how to go about it. You want to look slim and beautiful and wear the color that suits you the most but it’s too difficult to decide and pick your outfit.

Here’s help!

Here are some beautiful outfits for the season.

This beautiful lehenga choli will make you stand out of the crowd because of its exclusive color as well as the minimalist look. Simple and elegant. The lehenga can be made of georgette or silk to give you a heavy look. The blouse is made of white jute silk with sequence hand work. This lehenga can be worn at your best friend’s sangeet or cocktails. Not over the top nor underdressed. If you do not like the color, maybe a splash of pink/ peach will make it more girly and vibrant! You can start to customise this Lehenga from Rs 12,500/- onwards.

This is my personal favorite. Wear this for an outdoor daytime wedding and all eyes will be on you. It has got perfect detailing and beautiful color combination. The duppata is extremely pretty along with the border of the lehenga. This gives it a heavy and classy look. Team it up with beautiful Chand Balis and you are set to rule. This lehenga can also be worn by the bride to be for a mehendi function. Detailing on the blouse is intricate and gives the lehenga the beautiful look. If you are somebody who likes to keep it to the minimum, you can cut down on the border at the bottom. The same lehenga would also look beautiful in red coral or orange. Play with the colors and styles and get something similar starting from Rs. 15,000 to shine at the wedding.

This is the perfect outfit for a reception. Your best friend’s reception or your brother’s reception, you are definitely going to leave a classy impression. Made of beautiful royal blue raw silk and antique golden sequence overlayed, this is an outfit for the night. The color stands out and so does the elegant duppata. The blouse is made of antique shimmer which gives it a heavy look. Wear this with blue pumps and beautiful earrings. You may choose to change the color and pick any bright color for the season, though I personally think this is a beautiful color. Red, Coral, Fuschia, Cool Blue or even White would do wonders. The price of this lehenga is Rs. 15,000/-

Get your outfit customized from Faaya. You get to pick the design, fabric as well as the color of the outfit. The cost of the same may vary due to customization requirements, however the prices only increase if the amount of work increases. Sleeve lengths, styles and drapes are customisable for free. Now you could design your own outfit and get it delivered to your doorstep in 15 days. Faaya is one stop destination for beautiful and elegant outfit for the wedding season. Each outfit can be custom made only for you. If you have been wondering what to wear at the upcoming weddings, here is little help! You can get these outfits made for you from www.faaya.in. Just drop in a word here.

-Created by Vandita Jadeja for Faaya


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