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Refuse to Fit

We rarely come across two individuals who are exactly the same, it is extremely difficult to find similarity in nature, likes and dislikes. This peculiarity makes us all different yet similar. One similarity among each one of us is the idea of fashion. Not the detailed likes and dislikes but the general idea of the existence of fashion. How we perceive it differs from individual to individual. Everyone follows fashion and looks forward to being more fashionable. What differs is the kind of choices we make. After all, what always differentiate a person from another are the choices one makes!

We are all born to stand out, then why try to fit in?

Have you ever come across a beautiful dress and not found the right size? Or have you found the size but it was sold out? Have you faced difficulty in picking clothes for your man? It may look right, but does it fit right? Isn’t it the perfect fit that we are all trying to get into?

A well fitted garment definitely wins over a well ‘altered’ garment. Many of us end up getting a garment altered because we fell in love with it the moment we saw it, unfortunately size was a problem. Most times, the sellers are more than willing to alter the garment to fit your requirement but it’s never perfect. Why limit yourself to it when there are better options available.

One stop solution for your requirement-Faaya. You are different and so is your idea of a perfect dress, why choose from the limited options available to you. More than that, why try to fit in the clich├ęs when you are born to stand out. I have always tried to get into the sizes available for my body type-the extra small, small, medium, large and extra-large. And yet I always end up getting my garments altered. Only five to six size options available for millions of us. If you like a garment, you have to fit into the possible size or give up on that beautiful piece.

Enters Faaya. Faaya specially works for satisfaction of the customers. It specializes in customization of any outfit. You may design one for yourself or pick from the beautiful pieces created by them. The brand customizes for each one of us. My idea, my outfit, my fabric, my color, and more importantly, my size! Why choose from the catalogue you have already scrolled through a million times, instead pick everything you want and Faaya works to get you exactly the same. The team is there to help you choose from an array of fabrics, pick your favorite color, give your size and await the perfectly designed outfit. Made by you, made for you. The brand enables customization to the core. Everything you require could be customized. You are unique, let your clothes speak the same about you.

I refuse to fit in while I can stand out. Do you?


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