Faaya: Welcome to Faaya

Welcome to Faaya

Fashion has become an integral part of our lives. What we deduce from it differs from person to person. One usually manipulates fashion as per the need of the hour. Fashion cannot be defined in one particular manner, too huge and vast to put it into a definition. What fashion means to you could be completely different from what it means to me. But one thing is common-we all love fashion and follow our own versions of fashion.

As an industry, fashion ranks ahead of a lot of business ideas. The purpose and vision for each may vary but the basic idea about fashion consists of the coordination of clothes, accessories and shoes. Each one of us spends hours searching for the right fit and the right pair. This turns out to be a pain when the product is sold out or the size isn’t available. Panic mode on! We consult a friend.

With the emerging of e commerce and the growth of the fashion industry, there was the need of a brand which stood out among all the competitors. The idea is new, the concept is different and that results in happy customers. Faaya is for the customers, for all the fashion lovers and for everyone who spends hours on online shopping, yet doesn’t find the perfect outfit.

Be it a cocktail party, or a sangeet here’s one stop solution for all the problems. There is so much out there on the platform that it becomes extremely difficult to pick one. Once you choose the outfit, there arises another problem-size. The problem I have been struggling with since I was a teenager. You love the outfit, but it doesn’t have your size. And now that outfit doesn’t go out of your mind! Solution? Welcome to Faaya.

Faaya designs clothes for men and women. All sorts. You choose what do you want, and also choose how do you want them. From a range of textiles to a wide range of colors, Faaya provides you all the available options to choose from. You design your outfit. From the cloth to color to the fit, everything is made only for you. To suit you perfectly. Faaya designs outfits that can be customized to the core. The fit is especially for you. You do not have to scroll down on hundreds of outfits to pick yours; rather you can design one for yourself. It has come as a boon for all of us who were struggling to fit into the wrong sizes. You choose what do you want and then let the team work for you. If you loved the dress your favorite actress was wearing at the Awards; pick the fabric and you could be wearing exactly the same dress! The outfit can be customized as per your needs, the team helps with the measurements and the rest you get to pick for yourself. Why pick from a range of outfits when you can customize one for yourself? The one that’s carved out only for you.

Dress Well. Be Awesome.


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