Faaya: Variations to the LBD

Variations to the LBD

The little black dress has always been a favorite for the fashionistas, a must have in the wardrobe and a must wear when you are extremely confused about your attire. Savior at various times and classy as always, the LBD has emerged from a knee length simple black dress to a full length elegant gown. You can never have enough of black and never have enough of the LBDs. But why should an LBD always mean a “little” black dress, instead it could be the “long” black dress. At Faaya, we do not follow fashion rules, we go by our choices. We wear what we love to, for us, an LBD is a little black dress as well as a long black dress. You choose what you want to call it and how you want to carry it. Hence, we choose to provide you some options about the “LBD”.

Lace is the fabric of the season, it makes the attire looks sexy and makes you feel gorgeous. This black dress has beautifully tailored lace on the shoulders. Short and sexy. The back is well cut and adds to the elegance of the outfit. The front of the dress also shows a beautiful cut. Otherwise simple and gorgeous. Wear it for a brunch or a date, you are sure to make hearts melt. Buy this gorgeous dress for Rs. 3250/-

This dress is a huge variation to the LBD. Well it is black, but it is not the ‘little black dress’. It is a full length dress which fits perfectly on the top and flows beautifully below the waist. The dress is quite different and is well designed. The best part about this dress is the way it fits perfectly at the waist. Very simple but will definitely make a mark. This dress can be worn anywhere, literally. For shopping, on a holiday or while you are meeting friends for a cup of coffee. Make the dress yours for Rs. 3750/-

Another dress with a little lace on it. Simple knee length dress with a thin belt of a contrast color and high black pumps, you are set to go! The lace is beautifully designed to form flowers at the top, you can also choose the flow and cut of the dress if need be. The lace adds to the exquisiteness of the dress and ensures that the black dress stands apart from the rest. You can buy this dress for Rs. 3500/-.

A must have for all the party lovers! This black dress adds glamour to the occasion. The dress is made of net and sequins which adds to the beauty of you. Wear it for a party or a dinner date. It is beautifully tailored and looks extremely sexy. This dress will make you stand apart at a party. Buy this dress or get it customized as per your requirements at the cost of RS. 3300/-

This dress is another variation to the little black dress. Suits well for a reception as well as a cocktail party. The dress is neatly designed and brings the sexy back into the picture. You might want to make it a little minimalist at the bottom or reduce its flow on the sides. The sleeves are made of lace which look extremely elegant and well stitched. Beautiful chandeliers would make you look stunning and extremely beautiful in this dress. Make it yours for only Rs. 8100/-.

Though all the above shown pieces are in black, they can be customized into any color and any fit as per your requirements. The length can be altered and so can be the fabric. You choose the color as well as the kind of sleeves and back you want. Everything can be custom made or designed as per your requirements. All this can be done at www.faaya.in.

We have a contest for all the fashionistas out there. You tell us what the “L” in the LBD means to you and you have a chance to win a free LBD from Faaya.

Pick your favourite LBD anywhere and share it on your Facebook with #faaya and get a chance to win that same dress for free. Find us here : www.facebook.com/faaya.india


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