Faaya: 5 Worst Fashion Mistake at Cannes 2015

5 Worst Fashion Mistake at Cannes 2015

The fashion scorecard for the Indian bandwagon,at the red carpet of the, 68th Cannes Film Festival 2015 says :


The L’Oreal ambassadors - Aishwarya Rai, Sonam Kapoor and debutante Katrina Kaif seemed to have defied the brands tagline – “because you are worth it”. Their back-to-back disappointing fashion choices might provoke the brand to question their worthiness, as representatives of a beauty brand.

The Indian ‘Cannes’ Closet was prominently dominated by – Elle Saab, Oscar de la Renta and Ralph n Russo. With such big names involved, what we expected was some major fashion defining, glamorous, “ insta-worthy moments”. But what we saw, sadly, was…. ‘Chutzpah’ (obviously in the negative sense of the word). The bolly Fashion parade at the French Riviera has garnered a lot of criticism and has been slammed by fashion followers, across the globe.

Of all the looks carried by the Indian brigade in the last 7 days at the Festival de Cannes, we picked up the 5 Worst that top the list.

1.The Chicken Soup

The one that tops this list is the Chicken Look, flaunted by the most promising fashion icon of India – Sonam Kapoor ! The yellow Elle Saab gown, Sonam chose to wear for the premiere of ‘ Inside Out ‘, was probably the worst in the history of her Cannes appearances. And the Chopard earring just made it worse. The weird hairy looking fringes, made her look more like a doormat and the dull yellow-green color was a total turn-off. The social media is flooded with memes, comparing her look to that of a sheep, a chicken, haystack and even her father’s chest hair. This was the fifth edition of Cannes for Sonam, and being a veteran and considered a fashionista more than an actor, she definitely let people down. In her past red carpet appearances, she has been applauded for her unique and daring fashion choices, but this time, the lady just got too daring may be. Not everyone can pull a Gaga.

the chicken soup

2.The Black Blunder

The second in the order would be that of Katrina Kaif, who made her debut at Cannes this season, in a black Oscar de la renta gown. The gown, from the designer's fall collection, failed to impress the fashion police or even the common audience. The black feather work at the tail of the mermaid fit gown, seemed more like a bunch of creepy creatures approaching towards the bodice. And that red-burgundy hair color, Katrina is currently sporting, is a total spoiler, and has been added to the Don’t’s list at Cannes, in an article by the nypost.com. Considering this was the first Cannes experience for Katrina, we were expecting her to shine and sparkle at the red carpet, but seeing this, we wont be surprised, if this would be her last year as well. The only reason we can cut her some slack is because she is the least experienced to make it to this list.

3.The Red Carpet

The third spoiler at Cannes again goes to Katrina. This time for her red brocade Elle Saab outfit, which she wore on the 2nd day of Cannes, for the screening of “Mad Max”. She mistakenly took the word “Red Carpet” too literally we assume. 

The body-hugging gown looked boring and conservative, with no traces of that red-carpet drama. Her slick cleanly parted hair also looked kind of average. As the season demands, we were expecting her to bloom in spring colors and florals, but she opted to choke us with her red overdose - fiery red outfit, clashing with the red-burgundy colored hair and the bold red pout, worn on the red carpet. And one thing we know for sure, too much of red means DANGER!!!

4.The Blue Blues

The fourth look was that of our Cannes veteran-Aishwarya Rai Bachhan, who’s been a Cannes regular, for the past 14 years; it would be unfair to leave her out of any list concerned with Cannes. Even though she was the saving grace in this edition of the film festival and definitely outshined her Bollywood peers at the French Riviera, her first red carpet appearance, was a bump in her otherwise smooth fashion parade. Ash chose to walk the red carpet in a teal blue, Elie Saab, for the screening of ‘Carol”. Though the outfit embraced few trending elements of this season, like – sheer, lace, teal blue, it appeared average when worn to the red carpet. That leg show also failed to stir up the oomph factor and that sagged fat around her arms was not an appealing sight. What saved her look from dying was that yummy lip color and her queen like attitude, something that she could bank on even in the worst of the outfits. Respect Lady!


5.The Weird White

The last one to make it on my worst dressed list is Mallika Sherawat. The lady is always in news for some or the other misdoing, but this time her All White jeweled gown by Hobeika, she wore to the amfAR gala, has caught our attention. The gown failed to flatter her curves and made her look a size larger. That jeweled bodice was too OTT and missed out on adding that delicate beauty element to the dress. To add to it, was her side swept hairdo, which looked more of messy rather than flirty.


With the international film festival still on, we don’t know what more can we expect, but hopefully it won't be getting worse than this. Outfits always must be made specially for you, and if you are looking for something unique and custom made to fit your body, drop in a word here.

Written by Sonam for Faaya.


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