Faaya: The Maxi T-Shirt

The Maxi T-Shirt

What? : The Maxi T-shirt

Move away from Crop tops because this summers it’s the Maxi T-shirt that is ringing the trend bells. The slits add oomph without compromising on comfort. Maxi t-shirt in cool fabrics is your summer must have to beat the heat in style.

How? : Long or short, Casual or dressed up

Like any of the successful trends, Maxi T-shirt is flexible. You can style it the way it suits your style. Here are a few ideas:


Full length Maxi T-shirt for that flow-y look. The plus point? The long length of the T-shirt makes you look lean and tall (if chosen in the right color ofcourse!).

full length maxi T-shirt

Shorter than the Long Maxi T-shirt but longer than your regular t-shirt, this style is perfect for those who want to keep it cool and easy without the dramatic length.
medium length maxi T-shirt


Pair the Maxi T-shirt with shorts and flats and you are ready to hit the beach or that house party. Notice the beautiful ombre (another hot trend!) print on this white stunner.
beach maxi T-shirt

Dressed up

Nothing spells more badass than the Maxi-T shirt with a pair of boots. Wear this look with denim shorts or ripped jeans.
maxi T-shirt paired with boots

Now that you have a few ideas, mix in your own personal style and get your customized Maxi T-shirt made at Faaya.

By Varsha Rawat


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