Faaya: Things to keep in mind while wearing Statement Jewellery.

Things to keep in mind while wearing Statement Jewellery.

bleudame spike and chain hand bracelet

Statement jewellery has always been a powerful way to mark your presence. If done in the right way, they have the capability to take the standards of your outfit miles above!
Here are a few things to keep in mind while wearing any statement piece.

1. Balancing out the colours- it is very important to check and balance out the colours of your outfit and the accessories. Always team up bright coloured or accessories which have bling with subtle coloured outfits. Same goes with the prints.
Egyptian themed jewellery

tourmaline gemstone

2. Too much bling is a complete NO No!- wearing shiny accessories from head to toe is NEVER a great idea unless you want to replace the chandelier in the room!

high heel anklets and toerings

3. Checking the length of the neckline first- it is always important to check the length of the neckline before you choose a statement necklace. Each piece is supposed to be work with a particular neckline and style!

neckline cheatsheet

chunky pearl necklace

4.  Know your limits- it is always important to know what you are comfortable in before wearing any piece of jewellery. You need to know your extend before adorning those gorgeous pieces. It may be that a piece is just gorgeous or that your favourite celebrity looks absolutely stunning in it, but this does not mean that you will look the same or have the confidence to carry it. Do not choose pieces which you thing would make you uncomfortable after all, confidence is the best thing a person can wear!

 david morris jewellery


After checking the above points, you are fit to grab your hands on any set of statement pieces that catch your eyes next!


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