Faaya: Confashion: How I did the maxi trend

Confashion: How I did the maxi trend

This month has been rather exciting for me. Guess who came all the way to Bangalore? Yes, Mridang, the founder of Faaya, came down to my campus. And if that alone wasn’t exciting enough, he brought his camera with him. You know what that means? A photoshoot! Don’t we all love getting clicked! And now I have learned a little bit of photoshop as well. So I quickly go hide all those tiny blips. No I am kidding. There are no blips :p.

Coming to the point. I had written a while back about the maxi trend that’s doing the rounds in street fashion these days. So this time I decided to publish an entry showcasing how I prefer to keep the maxi look. 

In this look, I have take a very pleasing coral colored maxi t-shirt and paired it with solid black cigarette pants. Black pants are so universal but this look could have looked great with printed pants as well in a complementary color of course. I wanted to create a night look so I teamed it up with grey pointed pumps, a pretty cream-golden clutch to complement the coral and gold earrings.

These grey pointed pumps are my latest prized possession. What I love about them is that firstly it’s a block heel with a pointed toe and secondly if you look carefully, there is a very subtle detailing with a white line at the bottom of the shoe. Subtle detailing is the work of someone who truly understands fashion.

Here are a few shots. Let me know what you guys think!
P.S.: That is my college campus..IIM Bangalore. Beautiful isn't it?!

Shoes: Marks & Spencer
Clutch: DoneByNone


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