Faaya: Trend alert: Co-ord Sets

Trend alert: Co-ord Sets

What is the quickest way to make a bold fashion statement at a brunch this season? Most definitely “Co-ords”. Nothing spells classy louder than a matching pair of top and bottom. Add clean cuts and straight silhouettes with a dollop of an interesting print, and you have your very own heiress look (check out Taylor Swift’s blank space video!).

I have put together a few examples of how to pull off the Co-ords trend this spring:

1.     A la Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift is most definitely the front-runner of this style. She pulls off this style best in a co-ord set of a box cut top with a skater skirt. The print is just about right for her petite body frame. Pair this with a sling bag and a pair of metallic heels and you are good to go.

                                                                 {PC- www.jkstyle.com}

2.     Suit Up!
This is most definitely the classiest of the looks. A co-ord set in the style of a suit- a boxy top and cigarette pants. Straight silhouettes work beautifully with this trend. The plaid print only takes up the chic quotient a couple of notches higher. If you are a little shy of plaid, you could also go for a solid color with slight detailing on the bottom hem of the top.

                                                         {PC- http://www.glamour.com}

3.     Two-tone grids
My absolute favorite for this trend is the grid print. It works perfectly for those who are shy of bold prints. Black on white is the classic grid to go for. You could even experiment with other colors like white on yellow or white on black. This style is beautifully carried out with an unusual pairing of a sweatshirt with a matching skirt.

                                                           {PC- www.stylecracker.com)

4.     Beyonce curves
Show off your curves in this number worn by Beyonce. Unlike the previous few structured styles, this one is all about fitted curves. Pair it up with a bright pair of pumps. This look works best for a night out.

                                                          {PC- www.stylecracker.com}

General Tips for the Co-ord set trend:

·      While prints work best for this trend, wear what is comfortable to you. If you are shy of prints, solids with slight detailing work well too.

·      Fit is extremely important for this trend. Pick a silhouette that suits your body type and ensure it fits to your size.

·      Accessorise in solids only. The idea is to keep accessories minimal and subtle. Pastels work best for this trend. You could experiment with metallic and bright colors depending on the print you have chosen.

Now that you have your guide to matching it, pick your favourite print and get your very own personal designer- Faaya to stitch you that perfect Co-ord Set!


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