Faaya: Confashion: I stole my boyfriend’s clothes

Confashion: I stole my boyfriend’s clothes

Over the last few months, over sized clothes, more popularly called ‘boyfriend clothes’ have been much in vogue. And why not? They’re comfortable, breathable and provide a refreshing variety in our common styles. Besides, girls have the advantage of being able to wear men’s clothes, so why let the shining opportunity pass?
So here are a few sassy outfits I tried on just for the sake of fun. Inexpensively bought, and home-shot try-outs. Just another Saturday evening shoot.

1. Of course, Jeans.

Hasn’t jeans been the number one comfort clothing that every woman born after the 80s has known? Well, so the fashion divas considered it a responsibility that it had to be experimented and played around with. Eventually we got around to making comfort the most important aspect without compromising on the great good looks. Here’s a try to make it look lovable, with a background of red pipeline and corridor. Yes, hostel. Hilarious.

2. Hoodie / sweater.

Another winter miracle. I’ve always wondered about the nature of the first man who tried shaving the fur off a sheep to keep himself warm. Well, bless him! And so man discovered wool, and consequently sweater. And then woman discovered all that could be done with it. After a while we did wind up appreciating classics and wearing the men’s sweaters and hoodies. One of the many looks include a pair of shorts, a classy hoodie and brogues. Long sweaters can be worn as dresses. Go experiment with those previously boring winter clothes!

3. Shirts.

Women work. And they face a tough competition from men of the industry. In a world of fading but slowly, sexist behaviour, we need to change and adapt, which also includes becoming men, to face them. A working woman has to have a lot of strength and courage under her outfits to keep up, and so she needs really special ones to make the sailing smoother. Keep making new and original outfits, and carry them to your workplace with confidence, red lipstick and good shades.

                                                                                   4. T-shirts.

This is my favourite! Interestingly, T shirts are the most ‘experiment-able’ clothes after jeans. Though I personally believe that t shirts can do much more, because of the alive proof on Pinterest. And so, here I am with a t-shirt rolled to a crop top, with a pair of jeggings and heels. But of course there are many other outfits to try. T- shirts work with a lot of things – skirts, shorts, dungarees etc.

5. Waist coat.

Smart, chic, attractive – kinda like the Bond girl, hainaaa? An interesting choice if you’re already bored with shirts and coats and want to check out something hot, new and uncommon. Waist coats are an important part of men’s formal clothing, and I think I look pretty good, right? Carry it confidently, and be sure that you just can’t go unmissed.

My motto: Nothing in clothing is ever too much. Go out all you girls! Turn some heads, have fun, have it all!  


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