Faaya: CONFASHION : A Rainy Day in Bangalore

CONFASHION : A Rainy Day in Bangalore

Last Saturday was rather an interesting day because I got a chance to meet Mridang, the man behind Faaya. Mridang had come down to visit some friends at my campus, IIM Bangalore when we immediately bonded over our love for fashion. Having studied design from N.I.F.T, we had a lot to discuss. It was only natural then, that Mridang wanted to dig into my closet and do a photoshoot.
Sunday morning we woke up to the typical Bangalore weather around this time of the year – intermittent showers and hardly any sunshine. I decided to theme the shoot ‘A Rainy day in Bangalore’ and dress for the occasion.

Those of you who are familiar with the Bangalore weather will know that it can be such a tease. One moment it is bright and sunny and the next it could be raining. To get through the erratic weather in style, I reached for my versatile blue zip-through bomber jacket with nylon trims. The nylon keeps it water proof and perfect for the rainy weather. The bomber trend has been there for a while and why I love it so much is because bomber jackets give such a relaxed, ‘I didn’t even have to try hard’ kind of vibe. It is perfect for working the casual yet upscale Sports-look trend.

                                                            Jacket: Banana Republic

                                                                   Tshirt: H&M

I paired the jacket with a basic V-neck stretch tshirt and drawstring carrot-fit jeans. They are called carrot fit, because strangely the shape looks like a carrot-baggy and slouchy on top and tapering at the bottom. These jeans come with a ribbed waistband and are cuffed at the ankle. These give them a ‘pyjama-type’ feel and are rather very comfortable. I could live in them all day, and maybe even sleep in them. J


River Island : Light wash ripped denim joggers                         Vivienne Westwood, Anglomania carrot fit      drawstring jeans

I am not a big fan of color and am mostly attracted to the safe blues, greys and blacks but every now and then, I like to break the monotony by throwing in an interesting accessory in a striking color – a scarf, a belt, socks etc. This time, the rather dull weather demanded a splash of color and so I paired my otherwise somber look with a pair of bright yellow waterproof loafers from Swims that I bought recently. These shoes are excellent to break the monotony of an otherwise dull look. While wearing a bright color such as this, I’d advise you to be a bit careful though, do not wear a lot of colorful items together or you could end up looking like a ‘cassata’ ice cream. Sticking to just one bright accent color in an otherwise sober color palette would just be enough to make it fun.

                                                     Shoes : Waterproof Loafers, Swims

Written By: Nipun Dhingra


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