Faaya: Confashion: Siddha’s Street Style

Confashion: Siddha’s Street Style

Hold on to your seats and hang on to your hats fellas for today Faaya is introducing (cue drumroll) our first arrest on Confashion: Confessions of a fashion-o-holic!
Before you start judging my dramatic and rather frivolous use of words here, allow me to explain what is so great about Confashion. Unlike our other regular posts, Confashion will showcase the personal style of the readers and not the bloggers. Every once in a while we shall ‘arrest’ one unsuspecting poor soul and have them pose for us (*insert evil smile*).

For our very first confashion, we managed to get hold of this gorgeous lady, Siddha, who by the way can give Beyonce a run for her money when she is on the dance floor.


Fashion Police: Tell us about your personal style Siddha

Siddha: Fashion to me is the simplest and most lasting form of expression. I dress up to celebrate my happiness as well as to lighten my mood in sadness - and it never fails. Fashion to me is to be able to wear anything and everything in such a manner that I 'complete' the outfit - it can be a simple piece of fabric that I wrap around to make a dress or the most elaborate traditional wear - I should have a sense of oneness in it. The key is that it should be effortless and comfortable - being able to carry off whatever I'm wearing is the most important factor in determining how fashionable I really am.

F: How did you put together your looks for this shoot?

S: I generally use color and contrast a lot in most of my looks - I believe they're the most impactful means of making a fashion statement. So this time I tried something different - I tried to stick to basic colors - white, black and blue - to come up with casual street looks - with hints of formal streaks. I have added a bit of gold through my accessories to jazz up the look a bit. Most of the outfits are unbranded and have been picked up from the streets of Mumbai and Bangalore - so it is street fashion in the true sense.

Look 1: Boyfriend jeans + off-shoulder collared top
I wanted to mix the up the jeans with a little sophistication - hence I folded a dress (look 2) into a top
I think it could've been funkier if I added a short red-colored tie, tied my hair into a bun, wore red shoes and red lipstick to complement the tie - but I kept it simple to give it the street look

 Look 2: The top discussed above opened down to make a dress with a gold belt to add jazz

Look 3: Black shorts and asymmetric white tunic
I put this look together to accentuate the simplicity of the outfit. It is very relaxed and has a formal yet playful orientation to it.

Look 4: Maxi shirt with the same black shorts
This maxi shirt can be buttoned up completely to look like a dress, but I prefer to wear it with the shorts to make it look more playful. I have worn earrings woven in bamboo for this for a hobo look. I feel that it can be coupled with brown boots when buttoned up to create a different look.


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