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Fashpedia: Going Boheme

Origins of Bohemianism, and the term, can be traced back to the nineteenth century France, generally meaning a group of like minded people who believed in an unconventional lifestyle. These people generally preferred each other’s company and shared a common distaste for traditional ways of life. Pretty much similar to that of hippies or vagabonds. And thus, bohemian subculture was born and re-born all over the world.

The most striking features of this cult, for me, are:

1. The freedom of self expression: Everything that you wear, every outfit that you put together is an expression, a statement that you make in front of the world. Accepting and loving yourself for the way you are. It is not restricted, there are no boundaries. You are at complete liberty to put together two very random things from two different corners of your wardrobe and still rock the outfit. You could put together a very Indian printed kurta, a pair of ripped denim shorts and a belt, with boots and lots of jewellery to go!

2. Casual and easy going: Bohemianism originated among the poor. The two main traits of bohemians in early Europe were - devotion or addiction to one of the seven arts* and poverty. The subculture does not call for dressed up appearances. True bohemians believe in the phrase “come as you are”. Most of the clothes can be DIY-ed for example, crochet tops and shrugs, loose skirts, scarves.

3. Earthy: Another one of the things that I love about boho chic style is the earthy color palette and the perfect combination of bling and neutral shades. Bohemian colors are attractive and real. Somehow even while sticking out among the crowd; they manage to find harmony with nature. You can incorporate blues, browns, greens, greys, yellow, orange, red, and colors that you can’t even name! All those colors that you’ve seen on the earth!

4. The liberty to over-accessorize: Whatever you wear, you’re free to team up with blingy bracelets, neckpieces, rings and anklets. There’s no such thing as too much. And chunky jewellery being the love of my life, this is a blessing! And even the jewellery is diverse with stones, crystals, silver and so much more. If you’re feeling crafty, grab a few materials and make your own art jewellery! Nothing better than sporting what you made. A lot of helpful videos are scattered all over the internet.

5. Easy to carry off: It is my personal belief that a person can carry off best whatever he/she wears according to priority > comfort. And more so because you no longer have to care about what people would have to say about your outfit. Feeling confident in clothes that stand out and make a strong point about a person’s individuality and uniqueness is the best feeling.
However much you love to dress up, at some point, there is a moment, when you just want to be yourself. And that moment is to be appreciated and embraced. In the same spirit, go boheme!

*The seven arts or The Liberal Arts are those subjects or skills that in classic antiquity were considered essential for a free person to know in order to take an active part in civic life, something that included participating in public debates, defending oneself in court, serving on juries, and most importantly, military service. Grammar, logic, and rhetoric were the core liberal arts, while arithmetic, geometry and theory of music, and astronomy also played a (somewhat lesser) part in education.
Source: Wikipedia. Pinterest. And self. :)

Written by Richa Mishra


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