Faaya: Trendmill: Stars at the Haute Couture Week '15

Trendmill: Stars at the Haute Couture Week '15

Earlier this month, Paris was the place to be for all the big names in the international fashion industry. The rather “hot” couture week was held between the 5th and 9th of July '15 showcasing the fall/winter collection by all the major brands. With new and amazing designs from all around the world competing for the topmost place in the industry, the Couture week was the trend setting show for the next year’s fashionistas.

A few of the shows that I found to be interesting and different were:

1. Atelier Versace: 

Donatella Versace made a departure from tradition by designing flowy robes and dresses in feminine pastel colors. Versace has always been known to me to be the bold and daring collection containing brand. So this year the couture collection was a pleasant surprise. The dresses had artful cut-out and revealing necklines. The ruffles and embellishments added a more enchanting sinewy, lady-like feel to the designs. Another capturing element of the show was the set. The glass ramp encased freshly cut orchids in purple and yellow that added to the beauty of the entire design collection.

2. Viktor & Rolf: 

The design collection by Viktor & Rolf was one of my personal favourites. Their show was the most jaw dropping in the entire of the couture collection because of the innovation and difference they had in their garments. The concept was first introduced in February when they decided that the couture collection was going to be ‘wearable art’. And in fact, the designs had beautifully structured silhouette and the prints were abstracted portraits with hinged frames on coats, dresses and capes. Likewise, the set was decorated with framed pictures as in a gallery with fabrics and garments flowing out of them. 

3. Dolce & Gabbana:

“I want to bring them to a place where fantasy and reality become confused” said Domenico Dolce. And they lived up to it. The much loved Italian designers created a breathtaking ‘94 vintage collection with over the top dresses and luxurious fabric. The color palette was bright and lively, and the make-up to match. A lot of floral and animal prints were used on the garments. The set too was well decorated to match the theme of the collection with floral archways and lovely lighting and the guests were all warmly welcomed to the Dolce & Gabbana meets Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

4. Ralph and Russo: 

The Couture that was brought on the ramp by the yin and yang designer pair, was one of a kind as always and they took couture back to its inception, where there were buyers at the show ensuring that the dresses they liked would be theirs. The collection had intricate designs and details, silk and tulle works, flowers and embroidery all over, but still looked like a surprising lightness. The color palette was very classy and appealing to me because I've always been a strong lover of natural colors. Overall, a lovely, classy collection, pretty as a fairy tale.

5. Zuhair Murad: 

"I like the idea of traveling through the heavens. It's something you only see at night " he said. And correct he was because this year's Couture was a celestial hit. History repeats itself, and so did Zuhair Murad. Stargazer since he was a kid, his collection was a revisit to his debut collection which was also set on a similar galaxy theme. The dresses were heavy with stone work, crystals and sequins, and the showstopping bridal gown was 20 kilos with 10,000 stones and sequins set into it which took 20 seamstresses to make.


My personal favorite. Chanel Haute Couture show was exhibited at the Grand Palais Casino. The empty space was slightly ominous, and the collection depicted a slightly decadent mood. The color palette was mostly dark and had a distinct adult feel about them. Karl Lagerfeld brought on box shaped, wide shouldered jackets. He said that was about exploring a new way to emphasize the shoulders without pads, instead accentuating the line with epaulettes. This resulted in a clearly apparent militant edge to the clothes. The dresses were still attractive and chic, with otherworldly handwork. Karl Lagerfeld later admitted that the casino it was because he's always gambling with his collections. And that he's always pushing himself harder because he never seems to get any satisfaction from whatever work he does do. Well, I must confess, I feel completely otherwise, swear on Chanel!


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