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Stylowood : Celebrity Airport Stylefiles

Until recently an airport was just a point of transit, where people would be rushing in and out of flights, mostly looking all messed up in lazy sweats, layerings and large t-shirts. But we seem to be moving towards a more defined travel fashion category – The Airport Fashion.

Airports are slowly emerging as one of the “it” places for some serious trend spotting! Celebrities, in particular, are taking up airport dressing quite seriously. Primarily because they are constantly travelling and dodging paparazzi. 
With their most chic “on the go looks”, the stars have made even hours of jet-setting, a fashionable affair. We surely are obsessed with their travel style, as it's more casual and wearable.

Listed below are 10 celebs who made it to our Best of Airport Style Diaries, 2015

1.     Kendall Jenner: Keeping the look more classic, Jenner lets her metallic shoes, do all the talking. Just the right amount of bling!

2.    Kangana Ranaut: Rocks the summer travel style in an easy-breezy white maxi.

3.    Amal Clooney: Jumpsuit-ed up in style. The tan bag and sandals provide for the perfect pairing.

4.    Brad Pitt: Goes for an all-black look. Drooling over his salt and pepper beard and silver reflectors. 

5.    Victoria Beckham: Sports a tone-on-tone look. The trench worn with trousers in the same colour is screaming power dressing with panache.

6.    Kim Kardashian: Looks ravishing, in a sheer skirt and blazer. Her minimal all white airport style seems spot on when flying in summers. 

7.    Robert Pattinson: Doubles his style game with double layering. Looking dapper in a trench worn on a coat. The green pants also caught our attention.

8.    Gigi Hadid: The most incredible part of her airport style is comfortable yet super stylish.

9.    Taylor Swift: Pretty in a shirt and shorts, she adds some drama to her flying miles with the knee-length stockings. Don't miss those cute lashes on the pockets. 

10. David Beckham: Rocking a relaxed sporty look true to his personality. This one's perfect for those long journeys.

We hope you would keep these celeb styles in mind the next time you travel.
Fly high, in style!!


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