Faaya: Trend Mill: How to Style a Kurti In 5 Differet Wasy!

Trend Mill: How to Style a Kurti In 5 Differet Wasy!

1. With a pair of nicely fitted jeans- this combo works best for days when you wants to adorn an indo-western look yet be comfortable in what you are wearing

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Image Via:Pinterest

2. With a pair of leggings- being the classic combo, this works best for most of the girls. Leggings are comfortable and perfect for occasions. These work best for almost all body types too.

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3. With a pair of plazzos- plazzos are a life saviour on the days when we want to look chic yet want to get rid of the uneasiness of body hugging clothes.

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4. a kimono jacket- if the length of the kurti allows, wear it as a dress with a printed kimono cardigan and you are good to go for a brunch look.
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5. a long skirt- after all, this combo never goes out of fashion! It is comfy yet stylish at all times!

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  1. very nice article on kurti, there are so many ways to wear kurti as above it shows, kurti is also very comfortable comparison to any other dress.. some of the best colletion in Kurtis


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