Faaya: Trend Mill: It’s All About Black!

Trend Mill: It’s All About Black!

“I own too much black”, said no one ever! If you also fall into that category which I’m sure you do, hook up to this post as I shall tell you different ways you can wear black and look totally different that before!

1.       Adding golden accessories- gold and black seem to be the ‘always in trend’ combination. It never seems to make a fail. Add a touch of gold to an all black outfit in the form of accessories.
Remember, you do not want to be visible from a kilometre far so do not wear all the accessories at once!

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2.       Adding a pop of colour- adding a pop of colour makes any outfit stand out. It gives a much bold effect to your personality. Choose the colour according to your taste. You could go in for subtle blue or brown or daring pink and yellow.
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3.       Team it up with prints-prints never break an outfit. They only make it look better. Choose from a range of prints according to your body type and your taste.

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4.       Accessorise your outfit-‘Accessories are a girl’s best friend’ hence they never seem to betray us while worn with any outfit and with black they look just perfect! Accessorise according to the occasion and you are good to go.

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5.       Layer it up-layers make you end up in a win-win situation always. It is no different with a black outfit. Layer up with prints, colours or accessories.

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