Faaya: Trendmill: Leather Love

Trendmill: Leather Love

Luxurious, shiny, smooth leather.

*heart eyes*

Leather is produced by tanning rawhide and animal skin and used widely in clothing and furniture. It may be produced in cottage industries or factories.

Cut the details, leather is sexy. Period.

I feel leather has been rather underestimated. Or perhaps it is one of those fabulous fashion resources that are pretty much untapped. Or maybe, it’s just saved for those special occasions when you need a head turning attire and a killer attitude to go. In any case, I for one, would love to smell the heavy scent of beautiful leather clothes when I open my wardrobe. Don’t you sometimes think of leather as a dark exotic chocolate? I do!

 Of the many many wonderful clothes made of leather, I bring out for you, a few of the chicest outfits that you can carry off with spectacular ease.

1. Dresses

A hip, sassy outfit for a night out with the girls to a hot new club. This outfit is a must have for a party girl who is bold and expressive and unafraid to be who she is. Pair the dress up with a chunky silver accessory and strappy heels. Or a dash of color. It’s totally up to you, how you want to make it work.

2. Skirts

A very street chic look, one that you would normally spot somewhere on the streets of Milan , Paris or London. Pair it with fitted tops, shirts, jackets, color, greys, whatever comes to mind. Leather forms a major chunk of the grunge subculture look so don’t be afraid to try on dark and excessive make up. Pick a matching handbag and move mountains.


3. Trousers

Leather pants are another sexy denim substitute that is just as comfy and twice as sexy, when worn right. They fit well, and they shine! What more can a girl ask for! It’s the perfect matrimony of bling and class. You can make your leather pants sexier by trying a few easy DIYs like making cuts on the knees, cutting out diamond patterns on the calf, there’s so much to try! And if leather seems too precious to master distress techniques on, get yourself a pair of faux leather pants and try your hand at stylizing those.

4. Tops

Yes! They exist. And are unbelievably chic. And I can pretty much guarantee that these will be unique for a while. So get yours fast and show off your new sexy leather top and make a statement. Try out skirts, jeans, shorts, palazzos, anything! This looks like one of those classics that’ll rock everything. Also make sure you pair it with a lot of jewellery for a boho meets grunge look. I would also suggest a dash of color to go with the leather. And if you’re feeling bold and daring, go out and make it a ‘leather day’. Wear a leather crop top, pants and a jacket too. Once again, let me just say – add jewellery/color.


5. Jackets

They say, save the best for the last. And I have. The lovely, classic leather jacket, always in vogue. I’m so awed by the beauty of every single leather jacket, all so unique in their own way and all so equally attractive, I can never have favourites here. I love ’em all! I can’t think of a single thing that a leather jacket won’t jazz up. Boring outfit? Just throw on a leather jacket and observe the immediate difference in the way you look and feel.

These were a few leathery ideas to spice up your fall collection. Make a statement and have fun! 


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