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Trendmill : Maternity Fashion

A shout out to all moms-to-be. This one's for you!

Pregnancy is supposedly one of the most beautiful phases of a woman's life. During the 9 month gestation, a woman's body goes through a lot of changes, particularly her curves. Unfortunately we cannot really help you with that baby sickness, but we can totally lift up your mood by helping you style-up your pregnancy. After all the baby too wouldn't mind a good-looking mom!

Maternity fashion is big, hence #maternity clothing is pretty accessible now. The budget though could be restrictive since the time frame for most of those extra-large outfits would typically be a few months. But, that we shall leave it on you. Buy or borrow, below mentioned 10 trends are going to make you look like a hot mama-to-be.We hope you did embrace them asap, because all phases of life are worth dressing up for, and this one particularly, courtesy that natural baby glow. Just bask in it!

1. Jackets - Denim / Leather : Denim and leather jackets always come in handy to lift up a look. Pair them with high waist skirts for an ultra chic look and flaunt your baby bump in style.

2. Raid your man's wardrobe : With man inspired dressing trending high, all expecting mom's are officially allowed to raid their man's wardrobe for sweats and shirts. For casual styling wear his shirts unbuttoned with sleeves rolled up. 

3. Slit dresses : Ditch the normal and go for high-slit maxi's and gowns.The slit makes it more comfortable and fashionable.

4. Stripes : And here I refer to horizontal stripes and not vertical. A casual striped dress is a chic option to wear and your bump is sure to enjoy the limelight. 

5. Capes : Conspire to conceal your good news with vibrant and bohemian capes. And what better than having them as one of the high trending outfits for this fall. 

6. Bodycons : Oh yes girl, I know what I am talking! If you love having your celebrity moment, then bodycons are actually perfect. They highlight that bump just right. Throw in some layering, if you are hesitant. You could use some cues here from Kim Kardarshian's materninty dressing.

7. Colour-blocking : Try some colour blocking, but with caution. Colour blocked up the empire or diagonally across the outfit are preferable.

8. Asymmetrical hemlines : Wearing outfits with asymmetrical hemlines could be a good option to wear as it would be higher in the front giving you comfort and lower at the back adding a bit of a drama.

9. Accessories : Accessories could do wonders in giving you a leaner look. Scarves are the all-time favourites. Also, opt for long danglers and long statement neck pieces to camouflage those extra pounds on your face and bump.

10. Sneakers : We are still crushing on sneakers. They could be your go-to footwear during pregnancy, preferably the no lace ones. Just roll up your denim a bit and march my lady! 

So ladies, love the curvier you. Dress Up and feel beautiful.

Picture credits : Pinterest.


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