Faaya: TrendMill: “Maxi” the fashion word of the year

TrendMill: “Maxi” the fashion word of the year

This year has been all about making everything “Maxi”. Be it the maxi dress or the maxi skirt or the very recent maxi t-shirt. By the looks of it, “Maxi” in any form is here to stay for a while.

Recently I was wondering what could be the reason for such an onslaught of maxi this year. Is it a domino effect of the success of the maxi dress? I mean, if the maxi dress works so well, why not make a maxi skirt, a maxi t-shirt, a maxi kimono, a maxi hat, maxi socks et cetra et cetra. While that logic works too, I figured out a few things why maxi-anything is working so well:

  1. Volume equals drama: All that flow-y volume of cloth sashaying around while you walk! Who doesn’t like dramatic entries!
  2. All about the balance: If the crop top is all about skin show, the maxi is all about covering it up.
  3. Hide them flaws: For all the conscious ladies, maxis do a stellar job at hiding those problem areas.
  4. So much room: Maxis are undoubtedly super-comfortable. There is so much room for your skin to breathe.

And that’s how I reconcile fashion in my head :p.

P.S: Got you guys some real stuff. How I styled the maxi skirt.

This last picture is my favourite. All the drama the maxi is made for captured in a shot!


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