Faaya: Trendmill : Tete - a - Tete with Tassels

Trendmill : Tete - a - Tete with Tassels

The flirty fringes are back and how! Their young, playful and bohemian vibe, seems to have cast a spell on us and are making us lust them more and more. 

Fringes date back to the 1960's when America was experiencing a kind of a hippie revolution. The use of fringes on garments essentially were a reflection of a new generation of free spirited American youth. With fashion today, predominantly revolving around the 60's & 70's, fringes have made a daring yet sophisticated comeback. 

Having made their way, literally onto "everything" in our wardrobe, #tassels are totally on our "Must have" list. 
Let's unleash the tassel-tales and allow those fringes to infiltrate our closet. I have compiled here 12 ways, for you to add a dash of tassels to your #OOTD. 

With so many options to choose from we really don't have an excuse to not sport this trend.So just let loose and binge on a fringe!

1. A Tasselled Top : Add a twist of fringe to a regular top and work the chic look from day to night. 

2. A Fringed sling : Slings are on a roll this season, and with those long tassels they are rocking the trend charts.

3. The Fringed Boots :  Now that is some shoe-porn. Don't we all agree?

4. A Tasselled Cape : Fringes + Cape = Drama Reloaded. Wear one and you are sure to get all that attention!

5. Skirt with Fringes : The season of mini's is bidding us adieu. Come fall, add that extra length to your skirts and play it sexy with a little peek-a-boo.

6. Tasselled Leather Jacket : Leather jackets are hot and tassels just amp up the hotness quotient.

7. A Fringed Neckpiece : If you are not willing to wear a fringed garment, then a fringed accessory comes to your rescue. Just pair it with a solid color top and rock the trend.

8. Tasselled Sandals : Tasselled sandals are giving us all the reason to give our comfort loafers a break and dress-up in heels.

9. Fringes on a Dress : Fringed dresses are sure to make you look glamorous this party season.

10. Sandals for him : Men could also sport their share of tassels with fringed loafers or sandals. 

11. Fringe Swimwear : Tassels on swimwear, look oh-so-sexy.

12. Tasselled Denims : We din't see this coming. The future of fringes seem bright. 


  1. Extremely well articulated piece. Brings out the true essence of the subject..


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