Faaya: Trendmill: White sneakers

Trendmill: White sneakers

I landed in Europe about a week back for my exchange trip and the only thing consistent in fashion across all the places I am visiting is "White Sneakers". Yes, the trend has taken over the whole of Europe. It was the Stan Smith white sneakers by Adidas that really started this trend. What made the trend so successful? Here are my two reasons:

1. Comfort: The level of comfort these shoes provide especially considering the walking culture in most countries here is immense. Who said fashion is only uncomfortable 6 inch heels?

2. Versatility: These shoes can be paired up with denims, dresses, skirts, shorts and just about everything else.

Here are a few inspiration looks:

Now that you are inspired, I have also collated a few options of white sneakers you can get your hands on:

1. The Stan Smiths by Adidas

2. White Sneakers by H&M

3. Adidas Originals by Adidas

4. Air Force 1 by Nike

I believe it's shopping time? :)


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