Faaya: Trendmill:Shoe love is true love!

Trendmill:Shoe love is true love!

As is it rightly said,' behind every successful women is a pair of fabulous shoes!, getting the correct pair of heels for the correct occasion is all the more important! 

We at ‘Faaya’ bring to you a few tips on how to pick the correct fit for you shoe which would make you even more comfortable the next time to enter a store! 

A Well Fitted Shoe

The first thing you do after choosing the dreamy pair of shoe is check if it fits you well! 
If the shoe feels uncomfortable and tight towards your paw, it is of a smaller size! 
If there is a wide gap between your ankle and heel area and the shoe,it is of a bigger size! The shoe tends to be problematic as your foot will constantly slip out of the shoe while walking!  

The Heel Height! 

Those beautiful skyscraper heels that we saw while flipping the pages of a magazine arnt the right thing for everyone and every occasion! So it is of utmost importance to be double sure of the height of the heel before buying them! 

Walk a few step in the store with those shoes on before buying them! Also,keep in mind the occasion for which you're buying the shoes! If the occasion expects you to keep standing for a long time,go for shorter heels or wedged heels!

Besides the fitting, the main thing that attracted one if the trendy pair of shoes! 
Here is a list of trends to follow this season-

1.      Block Heels

Block heels of varying heel size and colours are amongst the top trends this season! These are a perfect fit for the days which call for you standing for long hours! You can stand in these for a long time and not feel any pain. Besides being comfortable,they give a very modern look when worn with a dress or jeans! 

Images Via:Pinterest

Image Via:Pinterest

2.Pointed Toe Pumps

If you’re looking for something that will be perfect for the dinner date or a night at the most happening pub, these are just the right thing for you! Prints,solids,neon colours or nudes,these pumps come in a varied range! This is a must have for every girl out there! 

Image Via:Pinterest

3. Ballerinas

An absolutely daily necessity! From work place to lunches  to night time....these ones are our favourite and help you take any outfit from day to night time! Available in various prints, bling, bows, etc, these are just the must haves!

Image Via:Pinterest

4.High Heeled pumps

The ones that every girl dreams of,the ones which pay a regular visit to red carpets and ramp shows! 
Choose from a vast range of colours,prints,glitter,nudes,solids,etc! 

Images Via:Pinterest


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