Faaya: What should I wear to: A Beach Party

What should I wear to: A Beach Party

Beach Parties are all about sand, sun and fun. Come summers and the season of beach parties begin on a high note. I personally love beach parties, but I have always had problem deciding what to wear. Beach parties are all about fun and good times, that means one is supposed to wear the most comfortable, yet stylish clothes at the parties.

For a beach party, never wear anything that is too formal. Wear according to the theme and appropriate to the surroundings. Do not wear heels, wear flip flops or sandals, in case you need to put on make up, then use water proof make up. Keep your hair simple and let the curls flow. Wear funky accessories that are bright in color and easy to take off in case you plan to take a dip. Few essentials for a beach party are a sunscreen lotion, a hat, sunglasses and a funky accessory.

Here are some ideas on what to wear at a beach party:

The first look is a long dress of a subtle color and simple flip flops. The nail color is a perfect match for the dress which also goes well with the hand accessories. The dress is simple yet stylish.

This is a personal favorite. A beautiful short dress with lovely slip ons. The color is subtle and the contrast colored bikini looks really sexy with the dress, also the essentials like a bag, sunglasses and sunscreen are a must. 

After a long dress and a short one, this is a total aqua colored look. A well fitted sleeveless knee length dress and matching gladiators is one classy look to try. Accessories like the star fish are funky and suitable for the occasion.

This is for the girl who does not prefer dresses at the party, then you can try a lovely short romper in blue or in a bright color and wear a bright bikini. These sandals go well with the romper and can be an easy replacement for the flip flops. Bright colored sunglasses or maybe a cat eye glasses look lovely for a day out at the beach. Always wear a sexy bikini at a beach party, you never know when you feel like taking a dip!


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