Faaya: CONFASHION : The Evening Poolside Party

CONFASHION : The Evening Poolside Party

Hey there party people!

I’ve been busy with a little something and the results were so great, I just had to show you guys! So this weekend was getting a little dull with the rains and everything here...yeah, Mumbai can get really bleak sometimes.  And I was sitting in, getting bored. What does a fashion student do when they’re bored? (It’s a cliché, but yeah, okay, be nice.) We make clothes! :D

I had this super cool night time poolside party coming up, and I had nothing half as cool to wear. So I thought of what I wanted, made a plan, made a sketch (and made up my mind, of course) and got to work.

And by the time I was done, I was thoroughly spent and ecstatic because I had succeeded in making my first ever complete garment set. Yay. I made a black wrap around skirt out of the soft satin crepe material I had, and a white knit top.

Why is it so awesome for a night pool party?

1. It’s not a full wrap around, which means you can show off legs. LEGS.

2. It’s black. And sexy.

3. The top is a sexy slinky top, but it’s not indecent. It has a pretty vertical pattern that makes you look slimmer and taller. And it has a little dip at the back. *wink*

4. Because, even though chances are low, you can easily take it off and jump into the pool. Though I assure you, that didn’t happen with me (sadly).

Outfit details:

1.    The top had a double layer on the front. So no translucent problems. The back was conveniently single layered. The pattern was a zigzag one, but in the vertical direction. Tall and slim, okay I said that. But it’s an important point. From personal experience, it was rather airy and comfortable for a night of crazy dancing.

 The skirt was a flowey satin crepe, which gave the skirt a good shape around the body. The slit was just perfectly placed, enough to show off legs and hide the rest. The waistband was soft, wide and slightly elastic. Firm, but gentle on the waist.

3. The shoes were leather boots, courtesy – forever 21. Comfy and light and to my delight, very sole supportive even for dancing. But yeah, after a while, you have to take a break. But I can promise, it will be a nice long ‘while’.

I only had the time before the party for an impromptu shoot, so please don’t mind the noise.

Picture credits : Kriti Bajpai, NIFT Mumbai. (Heart eyes)          


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