Faaya: Winter Must Haves for Women

Winter Must Haves for Women

It is that time of the year again! The hot chocolate, bonfire and partying. Winters have set in and so will our wardrobes. An entire new wardrobe is required to beat the chill. The trick though goes well with layering if it is done right. Otherwise you will basically have to cover yourself up in the boring sweaters and jackets. Let’s take the boring out of our closet and stack it with the essentials for this winter, to keep you warm as well as to make a statement.
Must haves for Winter 2015

1.      A maxi length wool coat :  This stylish coat will keep you warm as well as go well with your jeans and boots look. It will even go well on a dress. There are a bunch of options available in colors as well as the length.

2.   A cozy sweater :  The basic sweater, well knit, warm and well fitted. Also in black, white or grey, this basically goes well with almost anything you wear. You could wear it on an old t shirt and look stylish. It will go well with a jeans, a trouser or even a skirt.

3.  A classic turtle neck : Well when you choose to go casual, this black or red turtle neck will do the trick. Pair it with a long skirt or a boyfriend jeans. Or even better, wear it under a cropped jacket. Works best for layering.

4.  A trench coat : MUST have for this season. My personal favorite, trench coat always looks sophisticated and adds class to your style. Buy a trench coat in a bright color or nude but make sure it is well fitted. It will look elegant and show off your waist too.

      5.      A denim jacket : Denim shirts are in this season, but a denim jacket works well if layered in the right way. Wear it on a long tunic or on a crisp white shirt.

      6.      Colorless Coat : This is for the minimalist and most of us will have to invest in this one for this season. It gives a formal look and ends at mid-thigh, looks well when worn with a well fitted jeans or trousers. 

      7.      Wool Blend Plaid coat : This is for the ones who love color and checks. Must have for an ultimate style statement, there are various options to choose from but you can never go wrong with a plaid coat.

      8.      Regular jacket : This is the regular jacket in khakhi or black which fits well and is the length of a shirt. Most of us already have it stocked in our wardrobe.

      There are dozens of styles to choose from. Dozens of colors to pick from so choose yours wisely and rock the party season.


  1. I love winters just because we can wear jackets and sweatshirts. I love jackets and I m obsessed with all my jackets. They give a cozy feel which I love


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