Faaya: Bow - Tied

Bow - Tied

Heya fellas! Long time, no write!

But I’m back now and today I’m wondering bow ties..and how lovely, and underrated (seriously?!) they are. Ties have been, seen and made history. And even though we never realized it, there are some really cool ways to wear bow ties for formal and casual looks.

Here are a few of my favorites.

Women, hear hear!

1. A semi casual look – Put together, a solid colored bow tie with a printed or contrast colored shirt and matching jeans/trousers. This outfit gives you a balance between casual but controlled, easy going but sharp, never-miss-a-thing attitude. The best outfit is the one that boosts your confidence, and with one little addition to a simple outfit, you can give it a delicious new twist and make the stage yours!

2. For a more casual look – Suspenders, I like to believe, are the little brother of overalls. *wink* Pair it up with a cute fun colored bow tie and the two of them give you an effortless vintage-chic look. Perfect for dates or day out with buddies. Just to add an edge to your outfit for the day!

3. For the feminine female – A bow tie with proper bow and ribbons and all things nice! Excited? Well, look below! Isn’t that striped bow tie so cute? (and would look totally amazing with that old forgotten shirt in the back of your wardrobe? Well get it out!) Oh! And don’t forget the red bow with the white shirt and grey sweater. You probably already have these things in your closet. All you need are bow ties! You can find a huge number of tutorials teaching you how to make bow ties out of old scarves and strips of cloth. Get out those craft boxes and make yourself a new fun outfit!

4. For the hardcore Office goer – I know how difficult it is to make a lasting impression these days, with so much competition and so many people looking all the same. Everyone craves a difference, a uniqueness. And I also know just what you need. Look no further because here I give to you a precious style tip that I have personally used, numerous times with a lot of success – Bow ties, and neck ties. In the world of the working women, ties are an unexplored treasure. It not only makes the outfit look sharp, it gives you a different kind of power, a confidence that no one can knock down. For example, take the lady on the left, very uniquely dressed, isn’t she? Her outfit’s so sharp you might cut yourself. ;)

5.  For the woman who wants it all – Of course there’s always that one woman who beat you by doing things, being things and making people burn by just being her. But wouldn’t you rather be her?
“You can be anything you want, if you dress for it” – loads of people (duh!)
What’s common between a white shirt, blue pants and black shoes? You probably have them all! Get that favourite set of white and blue that you have and experiment with it! Try out bow ties, and belts and shoes. Throw together a weird shiny ensemble and dazzle people at that office party, eat that last piece of cake, go on that vacation, break up with that annoying guy and be free, stab that bitch who copies your style, life’s too short!

For Men (because its always ladies first, remember?) 

1.  The Wedding Dashing – Weddings are the most fun occasions and everyone is infected with that buzz of dazzle and glamour. These are also occasions when all men make a genuine effort to dress up! :D
For those looking to be “the famous ladies’ man”, this is your chance, go grab a few of those bow ties you stopped to look at but passed because no one was getting married.
For inspiration scroll below and take a look at the men all suited up with bow ties and watches and cuff links. Contrast colors and solid/print combos are fail-proof ideas that work for almost every occasion. All those dashing men out there should definitely give bow ties a try.
I’m sure its going to be
*Wait for it*

2. The Suit Boot look – Men have always faced competition the kind women are now facing in the work industry. The up side to being a man is that you hardly ever notice it. But now since you’re here, I assume you did notice it, so lets get to work about how you can dress up-

 If you’re feeling adventurous, you can try out these unconventional bow tie styles just for their shock value. Metal clip bow ties, or wooden bow ties would be a little tough to lay your hands on, but they’re totally worth all the effort!

But in the end, all you gotta do to make a woman swoon is turn up like this:

Hey! I’m not done yet.

You boys and girls were ready to leave with awesome ideas for the next party that you would go to, but did you humans think about how truly magnificent these little dearies would look with little bow ties of their own? No? Because you only think about yourself.

If this didn’t make your day, then I dunno what will.


Images - Pinterest


  1. I have an eye for bows, and I find them really sexy on men. These are so good, never knew women could carry them so well.

  2. Faaya explains to us how to rock that bowtie perfectly with whichever attire you prefer we have heard alot of misconceptions about bowties thanks for highlighting good post

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