Faaya: How To - Flared Pants

How To - Flared Pants

Hey there beautiful ladies!
It’s the New Year and January is almost over, and so is most of the trend prediction survey and research! So here I bring to you the results on what’s hot and what’s not this year in the oh-so-loved denim fashion.
So this year we’re making a major leap and giving up the *skinny jeans* sensation that had gripped the nation. And this year, in the near future, we’re going into the past and bringing back flared pants!
Flared pants are awesome. There are so many different kinds unlike the boring, unchanging skinny jeans. You have different amounts of flare, different lengths and moreover, they’re extremely versatile!
Don’t believe me? Just watch!

A. The slightly flared pants:

 Wear them with a crop top, or a sweater or just a shirt for a formal look. These pants are best suited for those who are looking to look taller or lengthen their legs because the shape of the pants are in sync with your legs, making it look like you have longer legs. To top it off, wear heels or boots for a complete look. To make the outfit look formal, add a belt, a clutch bag and a smart wrist watch and you’re ready to go!


B. The Fairly flared pants:

These kinda flared pants can be worn with- anything! Yeah I’m serious (look below) these pants can be worked with a huge range of tops/shirts/tees/sweaters/coats etcetera etcetera…
These pants start flaring out at the knees and get quite wide at the hem giving the rest of your body a much slimmer and balanced look.

C.  The insanely flared pants:

Well the insanely flared pants are mostly because they’re worn by insanely fashionable and confident people who believe they can carry it off well. (In your mind, you should be thinking- challenge accepted!)

These pants just ring a warning bell for people around you to make way because you are coming by with the best of your confidence and that killer attitude to steal the show!

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Thank you so much for all your love. We are constantly learning and growing; and you are a large part of it.


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