Faaya: How to pick your prints?

How to pick your prints?

Knowing your body type before choosing prints for your outfits is an absolute must. Choosing one wrong pattern can take your outfit from fab to drab in seconds. Here are a few points to keep in mind putting your hands on printed outfits.

If height does not favour you, go in for vertical stripes of various widths and colours. These give an illusion of height and make you look comparatively taller. Wearing a single colour from head to toe also works the best for such a body type.
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If you have a tall and a lean frame, you have a big range of prints to choose from. You can experiment with bold and big patters and look your best.

If you are heavier on the lower part of your body, you need to choose patterns and colours which create and balance. Wearing an intricate print as a top works good!

If you have a heavier frame, choose prints those create an illusion of a thinner body, diagonal stripes work just fine. You can also experiment with bold flower patterns. Also, one thing to keep in mind is that dark colours make one look slimmer.


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