Faaya: Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Faaya?

Faaya is an online custom clothing brand. The idea is to get you the fashion you want and not the ones that brands offer. A unique style is something in all of us; we bring that out. Also we make is specially for you; each piece is hand-crafted to you body measurements and your preference of color, style and fabric.

Where are the designs?

Well that exactly is the point; we do not want to be telling you what to wear. It should be the otherway round. Hence Faaya is world’s first CROWD-SOURCED Brand. You design and we make it for you.

I am not a designer. How can I design?

You do not have to to be one. You can tell us the kind of look you want. The picture of a dress you like or just wait for our Online Designing Platform. You understand your needs, desires and preferences more than any ace designer.

What categories of clothing do you cater? Western/Indian?

We are a universal Brand. Since each piece is handcrafted for you from scratch; we can use the same fabric to make a skirt; a shirt; a baby dress and a saree. We do both Indian and Western wear with equal ease. However at this point in time we are not equipped to take order for the regular T-shirts. We however suggest you fill up the Pre-Order form and we shall inform you the day we launch T-Shirts.

I have a picture of a garment and also want to change certain elements. How?

Sure as hell. You are at the right place. Just fill up the form and when we call you back tell us all the changes you want.

Standard sizes do not fit me. How will you ensure fit?

Well then you will be happy to know that we have come up with a new Size called SIZE U! Most people have issues with M being too small and L being too large. No more of S, M, L and XL! You give us your measurements and you get a garment in your size aka SIZE U!

Measurements! Really? How do I take measurements?

We would have explained that when we called but since you have asked there are two ways:
1. Measure Yourself: Its easy and fun. Just get a friend. We will give you instructions over the phone. Soonly we shall also have a set of videos to guide and you will be good to go.
2. Faaya Fit Fighters: Well for more personal attention our fighters will get down to your house and measure you up and discuss the garments with you. Its safe and you feel royally treated!

Can I get my own custom labels on the garment?

You can customise everything. This brand is about the customization. From the button color, the button hole and the thread color; make your own pick. Monograms can be customised too. With your initials and/or whatever is on your mind.

What about the price? Are you like an expensive designer?

Thats exactly what we are not planning to be! We want to make Bespoke fashion more affordable and give people the freedom to be their own designers. We have not mentioned the price for the Pre-Order as every customer will have multiple customisations and will pick fabric of any variety. The main website will have better organised options; and hence make it easier for us to tell you the price before-hand! Do not worry. Just drop in your number; if you think we are snobbishly expensive then we either will suggest customisations in your budget or never bother you again.

You pay for only what you want.

How long does it take for the delivery to reach me?

Your product is generally expected to reach you in 15 days from the date of order. 15 indeed is too long a period; given the instant deliveries in E-commerce. 
However since each garment is hand-crafted by specialised tailors and artisans; and made to your measurements we avoid rushing the process to ensure great quality.

This sounds interesting. How do I get to know more about you guys?

Its fairly simple.
1. Drop an email on madeforme@gmail.com
2. Follow us on facebook: www.facebook.com/faaya.india
3. Post your comments on facebook and we shall get instantly chatting with you. We love talking. And it does not have to be about us; You are awesome too. Lets us know more on how we can be of help!


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