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Faaya is not just another clothing brand. Its not even a clothing brand for that matter. Its a people movement; the one that empowers everyone involved. The first ever crowdsourced fashion brand in India.

We are looking to connect the long lost Artisans in the villages of Bharat to the ever exploring consumers of India.
We are here to change how you look at fashion: a game of few choices; to open up many more for you! Imagine you walk into a store; pick your own fabric; colors; prints; cuts and all of this put together to a garment of your body measurements that not only fit you well; but also reflect your personality. You are what you constantly wear.
The artisans and tailors work hard to make your designs a reality; like a vivid dream. Each piece is hand-crafted in the corners of the country to give you the most authentic and genuine products possible. The garment is a combination of your imagination and the artisans immaculate art to bring that alive through traditions long lost in timing.

Each piece brings a smile to not only his face; but pays respect to the many generations that have invested into the art; the many families that gave up “brighter” and “modern” careers for this now “mundane” profession. As customer you get variety to choose and wear from; as an artisan he gets a variety to create for.

With over 356 varieties of textile weaving and printing techniques spread across the many villages across India; the rich heritage that is today on the verge of extinction is of great value; much more so due to the aesthetic versatility of these techniques and the ability to produce master pieces in various permutations and combinations.

An Ikkat print on the Benarasi Saree; the Zardozi on the Evening Gown; A Kalamkari Peplum Top; A Velvet Blazer and Printed Khaki Pants; The possibilities are endless


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Thank you so much for all your love. We are constantly learning and growing; and you are a large part of it.


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